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jed-seoprotoolsHello, I’m Jed and welcome to the site.

I have been interested in online marketing for years! It fascinates me. It blows my mind when I try and tell people about what it is I hope to do and they give me a weird, “Riiiiight, good luck with that buddy.” look. Do they not grasp the power of being able to get your message in front of thousands, possibly millions of hungry buyers virtually over night?!? It’s possible in this day and age for one guy with a computer to achieve that. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and possibly some luck but it can be done. At no other time in history has it been easier to interact, build relationships and get your message out there than right now. We live in an amazing time.

So this site is somewhat of a new era for me. I have been lurking in the shadows of internet marketing forums, and chasing the next shitty WSO for too long now. Now is my time to act. I have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and plenty of resources at my disposal. My goals are to bring you, my guest, the absolute best content I can create. To be available for suggestions or questions, and hopefully make a little cash along the way. Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you enjoy the site. Think about signing up for my email alerts, no bullshit I promise, or hit me up on Google+.

Until next time. Jed


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