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Pandabot.net Review. What the hell is Pandanot?

Pandabot.net Review. What the hell is Pandanot?

Seoprotools Pandabot review

I discovered pandabot.net the other day while out exploring the web. I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I tried it anyways and I wanted to share my findings. I’ve broken my pandabot review into 6 sections. I wanted to answer some of the questions I had when I first found out about it. Here we go.

  1. What is Pandabot?
  2. Is Pandabot Safe?
  3. What Does Pandabot Do?
  4. How Much Does Pandabot It Cost?
  5. How Do I Use Pandabot?
  6. Is Pandabot Effective?

1. What is Pandabot?

Pandabot is a crowd powered traffic network who’s goal is to improve your search engine ranking by improving your web sites usage metrics and boost your social presence via Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter and other social networks. It accomplishes this by allowing you to create tasks within the pandabot system and then these tasks are carried out automatically by other users running the Pandabot Smart Browser. Examples of tasks you can have pandabot perform could be…

  • Search for your website in the search engines using your pre-defined keyword, click your link and browse your page for a set amount of time, then click through to another page on your site and do the same thing (Up to 20 pages deep!).
  • Search Youtube for your video, click your link, watch your video for a set amount of time and then subscribe to your channel.
  • You get the idea.

The system works on time credits. You can either buy time to have your tasks completed or earn time by running the Panda browser on your own computer. I run the browser about 16 hours a day on my VPS but I have also tested it on my regular cpu and I really didn’t even notice that it was running. Its really easy to set it and forget it for a day or two and you will have plenty of time accumulated to perform whatever tasks you want to get done.

2. Is Pandabot Safe?

I discovered pandabot on a blackhat forum I’m part of and at the time there weren’t any discussions, ratings or reviews. A quick google search only revealed 1 or 2 brief articles on the subject and the networks homepage. I get uneasy whenever I see the word “bot” and I was little nervous to give this site all of my info, and install their software. But, I did it anyway and I think I am glad I did.

It seems Pandabot’s intentions are pure.

The Panda Smart Browser is “guaranteed” %100 virus and spyware free, and they claim to only accept quality sites that are not infected with any malware or deliver any “inappropriate” content (Porn of any kind, Crazy violence, etc.). I have been running the software for about 4 days straight and I haven’t had any virus related issues of any kind. The sites Panda visits all seem to be reasonable, nothing shocking or weird. They also claim to check every site at the start of each campaign with online antivirus software.

But what about keeping your campaigns safe? I’m sure exposing all of your money keywords to 100’s or 1000’s of strangers isn’t high on your to-do list. When setting up your traffic tasks you have the option to hide your tasks. All that does is when the task is being completed it shows a white screen on the remote browsers window with a polite message saying that you have chosen to keep that task hidden. The task gets completed and a new one starts.

I also checked the site itself with scamadvisor.com. You can see that result here.

3. What Does Pandabot Do?

Here is a list of functions the network can carry out.

  • Click on competitors links and quickly click back to the search engine results page giving them a negative bounce rate.
  • browses websites based on the custom patterns created by the you, the website owner.
  • Share, Follow, Re-post and Like on Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr and Pinterest.
  • Tweet, Re-tweet and follow on Twitter.
  • Watch your videos, like and subscribe to your channel on Youtube.
  • AdSense Safe,¬†Guaranteed Organic Search Engine Traffic.
  • Traffic is seen as completely organic, not a bot or crawler.
  • Create unique automated browsing patters to hit all of your internal pages.
  • And lots more!

4. How Much Does Pandabot Cost?

As I mentioned before Pandabot runs on a time credit system. As a free user your recieve %90 credit. So if you run pandabot for 100 minutes then your would recieve 90 minutes to run your campaigns. The standard account is $99.00 a year and you recieve %200 credit for anytime you earn running the Pandabot Smart Browser. I just use the free account and it seems to be working just fine for me.

5. How Do I Use Pandabot?

I am going to cover this more in depth with a video tutorial I will finish this week but here it is in a nutshell…

  • Sign up for your free account.
  • Download the Panda Smart Browser and let it run in the background for a day or two.
  • Set up your campaigns with your keywords and goals.
  • Continue to let the Panda Smart Browser run so that you keep accumulating time.
  • Tell your friends! The network is relativley small right now. It needs to grow!
  • Simple as that…

6. Is Pandabot Effective?

Thats the million dollar question. I’ve only been using it for a few days. All I can say at this point is that it does exactly what it says it does. The only hiccups I have encountered is that sometimes the browser will glitch out and freeze up. A simple restart and I’m back in the game. And I am having a problem entering my social networks. I have emailed support and expect to hear from them on monday. I will update this post when I do figure that out. In just a few days I have accumulated quite a bit of time for my campaigns and I will continue to try new ones. Here are a few screenshots of my analytics and my dashboard at pandabot.

pandabot-analytics pandabot2 pandabot3





In closing all I can see holding pandbot back is the number of active member. It has to grow to get really powerful. I like the idea and I see the potential. So make up your own mind but give it a try. I will report back on any traffic movements I start to get!

Until next time, Jed

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Hey, my name is Jed and have been a struggling internet marketer for about 2 years. I studied all the courses, read the blogs and even started a few projects. I have finally decided to take action. My goal with this blog is to provide %100 honest and factual proof, one way or the other, as I try achieve the 'laptop lifestyle'. Thanks for coming along!


  1. As someone fairly new to marketing on the net (got a few sales under the belt), I have just
    started using Pandabot. What are your thoughts about Alexa Master? I came across this
    today trying to find ways of driving traffic to affiliate sites.

    Thanks for the Pandabot info

  2. Hi Jed

    Do you have any updates on noticeable results from panda bot network.

    Thanks in advanced..

  3. I too am just trying pandabot. One thing that concerns me is if you check they have very few like only 1995 usa members and less elsewhere so I do notice that a lot of my visitors are returning visits from pandabot members. i’ll let you know what i think soon.

  4. Hi Jed,

    Thanks for great review, I have just started using Pandabot let see how its working and let me know the your latest reports on pandabot.


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