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Complete Pandabot.net Walk Through And Tutorial


Creating Your Pandabot Account

Hello and welcome to the next post in the Pandabot series. I am actually really impressed with this service and wanted to get another post out into cyberspace to help inform people and try get more people participating.

This isn’t a SEO magic bullet by any means but it is an easy way to get some traffic flowing through your site, browsing your pages and interacting. Not to mention if you are paying for likes, shares, views, subscribers or +1’s this is is a no brainer.

In this post I am going to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. I’ll probably ad a video in the next day or two so keep an eye out for that. Alright here we go.

So the very first step obviously is to visit pandabot.net!

That is my affiliate link but since you don’t have to buy anything to use every feature of this service it really doesn’t matter. I only included it because if you want to upgrade your account and get %200 time earned, instead of just %90 well then I get a little kick back. I only use the free version and it does everything it promises to do.

Read through the information, watch the video, check out what they have to say for themselves. I have yet to find anything stated on this home page to be untrue. Very rare in this business. Anyways, look for the cute little panda and click join now!


Its going to send you to your typical sign-up page. Nothing new here, I didn’t use my real info the first time I signed up because I wasn’t quite sure what I was signing up for. It didn’t seem to matter so enter whatever info you want, just be sure its a valid email so you can verify your account.


Notice the user agreement.

Adult (any type of porn), Gambling/Betting, Hate, Warez, Torrent, P2P, illegal Use (this includes, but is not limited to: death threats, terrorist threats, threats of harm to another individual, multi-level marketing schemes, “ponzi schemes”, invasion of privacy, credit card fraud, racketeering, defamation, slander, and other illegal activities) websites are NOT welcome. No pop ups/pop unders on page load. No annoying sounds/videos on page load. No illegal JavaScript. Any of websites related above activities will NOT be allowed in the PBN.

If your site is in any one of these niches then Pandabot isn’t for you. Other Pandabot users will be using the Panda Smart Browser to surf your sites. They will like, share, view and subscribe to your content automatically. They don’t need to inadvertently be putting their name and IP on a bunch of violent, inappropriate, racist, weird or illegal shit.

You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of minutes, so check you email and verify your account. The email will look like this.


I saw on a forum that some people were getting another email saying their payment status was pending. I didn’t receive that email the first time but I did as I was setting up this walk-through. It didn’t change anything, everything is still free so you can disregard if you get an email that looks like this.

pandabot-pending-paymentSo once you verify your account you’ll get a page showing your account details. As you see you have signed up for the lifetime free account.


After reviewing the page click the ‘login’ link at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to the main login page that you will see from now on when you login to your Pandabot account.


Enter your credentials and login to your account. This will take you to your account home screen.


From this screen you will have options to modify your subscription (if you choose to have one), edit your profile, get your affiliate info and contact the help desk. I use the affiliate link whenever I’m promoting Pandabot, so that’s good information to have.

The help desk link is also useful as sometimes you might have a support question that needs answered. The people behind pandabot have been really quick about answering my questions. I’ve had same day responses and then there have been a few that have taken a couple of days.

Setting Up The Panda Smart Browser

Now it’s time to download the Panda Smart Browser and then we will set up our campaigns. Notice the active resources in the bottom left corner and click the Panda Smart Browser V*.** link.

setting-up-pandabotThat will automatically start a download of the *zip file containing the browser. Once downloaded extract the archive wherever you want it to live on your computer. It doesn’t need to be installed.


I just tucked the folder out of the way somewhere and created a shortcut on my desktop to the *.exe file.

You earn time credits for running the Panda Smart Browser, so its a good idea to get it up and running. I have an old pc that I only use for running Pandabot but you can use your main pc and run it in the background or run it on a vps 18 hour a day.

I run it as much as possible. I think I have about 70 hours of credits racked up and have spent about 60 hours already. It ads up quickly especially when you set it and forget it. Just run the *.exe, follow the prompts and it will do the rest all by itself.

Now the fun part.

Adding Your Website To The Pandabot Network

Right above the link that you clicked on to download the Panda Smart Browser is another link that says “Panda bot Network Settings and Reports”. Click this link now.

This menu is where all the action happens. The first thing we will do is set up a website to be promoted by Panda Bot.

pandabot-add-websiteFirst click add a new website. That will open a pop up menu where you can enter the url of the website that you want to promote. Enter that in the specified box.

I usually skip the notes box but you can put whatever you want there.

The next box is the secrecy box. When Panda bot is promoting your site it is going to the search engine, entering your keywords, and then clicking on your site. Unless otherwise specified everything Pandabot does is visible to the user who is running the browser on their computer. If you wish to keep your keywords, site, niche, videos, etc. secret you must change this setting. You can choose to hide the “search engine” setting so that people will not see the keywords you are using, or you can choose to hide the entire campaign by choosing “hide all phases”. I usually choose hide all phases. However if you are promoting a video on youtube it might be beneficial to let people see it. I’ve clicked on a couple of videos that have came across the pandabot browser, but that part is entirely up to you.

The last arrow lets you set the maximum allowed amount of daily visitors. This show you how ambitious the creators are. It starts at 1 and goes all the way up to 100,000. I doubt it will ever get to the point where you have to cap it at 100 thousand users a day but damn!

Hit “Save” and the box will close.

Now we want to set up the pages Pandabot can visit. Once pandabot goes to our site, we can tell it to visit certian pages, for certian abounts of time. Pandabot will explore our site up to 20 pages deep. Just like a real user would.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

If yours is a new site and you only have a few posts that you want to promote you can add pages by hand rather quickly.

add-a-page-to-pandabotJust click the “add a new page” button in the top left and enter the domain (minus the root directory) into the pop up menu. Hits the “save” button and your all set. Do this for however many pages you want to add.

If you have a large site that you want to promote pandabot allows you to upload an excel file of your site. This is a little more complicated but don’t worry I will walk you through it.

First you will need to visit xml-sitemaps.com

pandabot-sitemapInsert your main domain into the box and hit start. It might take a minute or two but it will map your entire site for you.


Once it is done mapping your site download your sitemap in *.txt format.

Next you are going to want to open up excel. I have modified Pandabot’s example spreadsheet so that you can just copy and paste your information in. You can download my spreadsheet here.






First open up the urllist.txt that you downlaoded from xml-sitemap.com and paste it into a blank excel spreadsheet.

pandabot-excelNext hit the CTRL-H to bring up the “replace” dialog box.

pandabot-replace-websiteEnter your root url into the “find what” box and leave the “Replace with” box empty. Hit “Replace All” and it should leave you with a document that looks like this.


Click on cell A1 and highlight all the way down to the end of your listed pages. In my example its cell A23. Right click and select “copy”.

The next step is to open the spreadsheet that you downloaded from here in excel.

Type the username that you login to Pandabot with on the first line under username (A2).

In cell (B2) type the url of your website (http://yourdomain.com).

And in cell (C2) right click and select “paste”. That should paste all of your pages down the C Colomn.

Click on cell A2 and push CTRL-C, Use your mouse and highlight the entire A column down to where your pages stop in colum C. Again in this example it would be line 23.

Right click and select paste.

Do the exact same thing for Column B and you should have something that looks like this…

pandabot-mass-uploadSave that spreadsheet as ‘yourwebpage.xslx’ and head back over to pandabot.

import-pandabotUnder the webpage that we added earlier Click on the “Import Multiple Pages” tab in the upper left hand corner. It will display a pop up allowing you to browse for files. Find the “youwebpage.xslx” and hit “import”.

Your pages should have imported and you should have a page that looks like this…

imported-pandabot-pages-doneCongratulations! You have set up your website. We just need to tell Pandabot what keywords we want it to find our website for and we are good to go.

Adding The Keywords Pandabot Will Use To Find Your Site

When it comes to keywords Panda bot will search the first 10 pages of the search engine you tell it to use. If you are not ranking on the first 10 pages for your keyword pandabot will not find you. Heres what they say about that..

The Panda Smart Browsers around the world will search your keyword and will try to find your website link within the first 10 pages of Search Engines (Google Country Variants and Bing). If your website does not exist within top 10 pages for this keyword then you can not get traffic from Search Engines for this keyword by using the Panda Bot Network.

  Please first test your keyword on the Search Engine you aim, then enter here. If your website does not rank within the first 10 pages with your keyword then you can use i.e. your keyword yourdomain.com  as keyword and you can create Traffic Campaigns with your keyword yourdomain.com  . As time goes, after lots of Panda Smart Browsers search your keyword along with your domain name then Google or Bing may start consider ranking your website up for this keyword. Then you can quit using your keyword yourdomain.com and you can use only your keyword for your website traffic campaigns.

If your website is within the top 100 search results You can simply go back to your my.pandabot.net dash board and set up your keywords.

If you’re using a wordpress site, I Use a free plugin called Rank Reporter to check my keywords. You can get it here.


Simply enter the keywords you want to check and this plugin will tell you where you rank for the keyword and if you’re in the top 100. It will also chart your movement within the rankings.

Once you have an idea of the keywords you want Pandabot to use head over to your pandabot “network and settings” menu.

pandabot-keyword-addGo to Website settings -> Promote your website -> Website keywords. It should look like the image above.

Click the add a new keyword button in the top left. In the pop up box select the website you want to promote. In the next box type the keyword you want Panda bot to find your site through. And in the next box select the max amount of users that you wish to have visit your site through this keyword per day.

You can do this as many times as you want, and add as many keywords as you need. Just be sure you’re in the top 100 search results or use the method that was outlined above.

Wow, this post has gotten a lot longer than I planned. But congratulations! You website is now set up. You can do this to as many sites as you want, for as many keywords that you want.

Adding Youtube Videos To PandaBot

Alright on to the next section. Adding Youtube videos.

This section is pretty simple. Go to your my.pandabot.net dashboard,

Click Website settings -> Promote your Youtube videos -> Youtube profile. You will see a familiar screen. Click “Add new Youtube” in the top left. A pop up will appear asking your for your youtube url, secrecy level and max visitors per day.

youtube-pandabot-new-videoHit “save” and go to the drop down menu again. This time selecting “Youtube Video Keywords”. Select the video you want to promote (If you have multiple), enter the keyword you want Pandabot to use and set the max daily visitors.

One note on this. For Youtube videos Pandabot is only able to promote videos that appear in the first 5 pages of youtube search. So if you keywords a a little to broad you might have to tighten them up a little bit for everything to work smoothly.

The Panda Smart Browsers around the world will search your keyword and will try to find your video link within the first 5 pages of YouTube.com search results or within the first 10 pages of Search Engines (Google Country Variants and Bing). If your video does not exist within the first 5 pages of YouTube.com search results or within the first 10 pages of Search Engines for this keyword then your YouTube.com video can not get traffic from YouTube.com search results or from Search Engines for this keyword by using the Panda Bot Network.

Please first test your keyword on YouTube.com or Search Engines, then enter here.

Your youtube video is now ready to be promoted.

Adding Social Accounts To Pandabot

The Pandabot Network supports 9 Social networks that your Panda Smart Browser will automatically promote for users with those social campaigns enabled. Once your social points are built up you will also be able to promote your campaigns.

You earn social points by enabling your social accounts so that they can be used to promote other peoples content.  I always set up “disposable” accounts to use for this purpose.

The networks supported are…

  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Myspace
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr

For Google/Youtube and facebook you need to have phone verified accounts.

For a tutorial on how to create disposable PV accounts please see my tutorial here.

Or if you would like to purchase some Gmail/Youtube PV accounts please click here. To buy Facebook PVA’s click here

There are a few requirements that have to be met in order to use Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter Accounts. Those requirements are listed below.

GooglePlus and YouTube Accounts Must Have: Profile Picture, 1 or More Photos of you (tagged), Story, Work and Education Information. Please set the account Language as “English (United States)” at https://www.google.com/settings/account

Facebook Accounts Must Have: Profile Picture, Cover Picture, 3 or More Photos of you (tagged), 10 or More Friends, Work and School Information. Please set the account Language as “English (US)” at https://www.facebook.com/settings

Twitter Accounts Must Have: Profile Photo and 10 or More Tweets. Please set the account Language as “English” at https://twitter.com/settings/account

Once these requirements are met setting up your social accounts is very straight forward. Go into your Pandabot admin panel and select “Grow Your Social Presence -> Social Accounts” and you will see a screen like the screenshot below.


Click the add Social networks button in the upper left, then select the social network that you would like to set up using the drop down menu. Enter your username or email, password and then do not check the box so that the account is active and able to earn you social points.

Hit save and you have added your first social account. Repeat for every other account you would like to add.

You can also add multiple accounts for the same network, for instance 5 Facebook accounts, 3 Twitter and 2 Youtube.

Adding Spintax To Your Social Accounts

Pandabot allows you to control the comments placed onto your social campaigns. For instance if you are promoting a post or a video about a new link building tool you will want to build some spun comments around that topic. For instance..

{great|awesome|killer}{tutorial|walkthrough|guide}{Who knew|I never knew|I didn’t think}{a software|a product} like this existed.

That is a SUPER basic example. Remember these posts will all be on your content so its really important to make them appear unique. Spend some time on this, its really quite simple and when a real user visits your site you dont want them to see a bunch of spammy looking comments.

If you are unfamiliar with spinning content please first check out TheBestSpinner. It’s by far the best spinning software out there.

And then check out this tutorial here.

I’ve put together a custom spun comment file for you to download and use, click the download button below.


Once you’ve downloaded the file, head back into you Pandabot admin panel “Grow your social presence -> Spintax comments.

pandabot-spun-commentsClick on Add new Spintax comment in the upper left had side of the window. In the pop up window enter a description for your comments and then paste in your spun content. Make sure you label it something specific so you can pick the right comment set for the proper campaign when we set up our campaigns next!

Setting Up Your Pandabot Campaigns

Here is where all of our hard work pays off. Hopefully you have been running the Panda Smart Browser for a while now and you have accumuliated some time credit. Now lets set up our campaigns and get this bad boy started!

We’ll start with our website campaigns. Go to Promote your website -> Website traffic campaigns. You will see a box appear like this…

pandabot-website-campaign-setupSo there are 3 types of campaigns that you can set up to direct Pandabot traffic to website. You want to set up all three to show google that you are getting all kinds of great traffic. The three types are.

Direct Traffic – This is traffic from people who directly type in your website url,  bookmarks, favorites, etc. Basically these would be return visitors and people who are already aware of your site.

Referral Traffic – Visitors referred to your site via links on other pages.

Organic Traffic – People that get to your site via unpaid search engine listings using keywords and search terms.

So for a new site I would probably set my traffic to have:

%10 Direct Traffic ( 1 Campaign)

%35 Referral Traffic ( 3 Campaigns, 1 from Facebook, 1 from Twitter, 1 from Google+)

%55 Organic Traffic  ( 2 or 3 Campaigns depending on how many keywords I was going for)

I am not going to set up every campaign in this tutorial. I will just explain what to put into each box for the different types of campaigns.

Campaign NameDirect traffic mysite, Referral traffic mysite Facebook, Organic traffic mysite ‘keyword’

Paused – Unchecked

Website – Select one of the websites you have previously setup from the drop down list.

Daily Max Time Usage (Seconds) – There are 86400 seconds in a day. If we are running the Panda Smart Browser 18 hours a day on the free plan we get %90 credit earned equaling 58,320 usable daily credits. If we beak that down into how we want to spend our traffic we can see how much time we can dedicate to each type of campaign.

  • 10% Direct traffic at 1 campaign means we can let this campaign run for 5832 seconds daily.
  • 35% Referrel traffic between 3 campaigns (35% of 58,320=20,412 divided between 3 campaigns is 6804 per campaign).
  • 55% Organic traffic  between 3 keywords (55% of 58,320=32,076 divided between 3 campaigns is 10,692 per keyword).

Direct traffic – 5,832 seconds

Referral Traffic Facebook – 6,804 seconds

Referral Traffic Twitter – 6,804 seconds

Referral Traffic Google+ – 6,804 seconds

Organic Traffic Keyword #1 – 10,692 seconds

Organic Traffic Keyword #2 – 10,692 seconds

Organic Traffic Keyword #3 – 10,692 seconds

Total seconds – 58,320  <—Perfect!

Daily Max Number Of Visitors – This is default at 10 and you can set this to whatever you want.

Max Number of Concurrent Visitors – This is default at 3 and you can leave it set there.

Starting URL – This will vary depending on which kind of campaign you will be running.

  • Direct Traffic Campaign – Delete field at leave blank.
  • Referral Traffic Campaign – Any URL that has your link on that page. So https://facebook.com wouldn’t work but the example URL below would.
  1. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seoprotoolscom/303685466423276?id=303685466423276&sk=info (My fan page URL)
  • Organic Traffic – You can leave to the default google URL or change it to Bing or whatever you like.

Keyword – Only relevant to organic searches if not leave blank. Otherwise use the drop down to select the keyword you would like Pandabot to use to find your site.

Max Number of Negative SEO – Pandabot will click on results ranked better than you, wait a short amount of time, and then click off of their page to try and make google think that they didn’t have the information that was relevant to your search. When the browser stays on your site and navigates through it makes the search engines think that you had the most relevant content for that keyword search. I usually set this to 2.

Duration Deviation – The default of %50 is fine here but I like to tweak mine to like %54 or %47 just to be a little more random.

Page #1 – This is the first webpage of yours Pandabot will visit.

Page #1 Visit Duration – How long Pandabot will browse on this page.

Page #2 – The second page Pandabot will visit.

Page #2 Visit Duration – How long Pandabot will browse this page.

And so on. Pandabot will visit up to 20 internal pages per task. Pretty cool!

So lets take a look at what you have going on here if you set up all 7 campaigns.

You have traffic coming in from 3 keywords in organic search. Traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter and your Google+ page, and 10% direct traffic coming from people just typing in your domain. Not a bad start for a new site! And the best part…ALL FOR FREE!!

Setting Up Your Pandabot Youtube Campaigns

Setting up the Youtube campaigns for Pandabot are very similar to setting up the website campaign.

pandabot-youtube-campaign-setupCampaign Name – “xxxxx Ver x.x SEO tool Video” Whatever you like really.

Paused – Leave unchecked

Youtube Video – Use the drop down menu to select the video you want to promote.

Daily Max Time Usage – I would set this to use around what I spent for referral traffic. In this case it would be 6804 seconds.

Daily Max Number Of Viewers – You can leave this at the default or change it to whatever you want. It depends on how long your video is. If its a 3 minuite video you could raise this number. If its an hour long you might bring it down a bit.

Max Number of Concurrent Viewers – I would leave this to the default.

Starting URL – This will vary depending on which kind of campaign you will be running.

  • Direct Traffic Campaign – Delete field at leave blank.
  • Referral Traffic Campaign – Any URL that has your link on that page. So https://facebook.com wouldn’t work but the example URL below would.
  1. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seoprotoolscom/303685466423276?ref=hl (My fan page URL) as long as the video URL was on the page.
  • Organic Traffic – You can use the search engines and it will search the first 10 pages for your video. If you use http://youtube.com it will search the first 5 pages of results.

Keyword – Leave default unless running organic traffic

Max Number of Negative SEO – The default of 1 here is usually good but change it if you like.

View Duration Deviation – This randomizes how long the browser will view your video. I like to change it to an random number around the default value.

View Duration – How long you would like the browser to view the video. Set this accordingly to how long your video is.

Setting Up Your Pandabot Social Accounts

Setting up the social accounts in the Pandabot admin area is pretty simple but can get a little tricky in places.

pandabot-social-campaign-setupCampaign Name – Name this something you will recognize like “linkbuilding-facebook-share” , I like to get the content name, social platform, and task being completed.

Paused – Unchecked

Type – This is the type of campaign we will be running. We have 22 options. To save time I will list the type of task and then the type of URL that needs to be associated with it.

  • Facebook Follows – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seoprotoolscom/303685466423276 Your fan page URL
  • Facebook Likes – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seoprotoolscom/303685466423276 Your fan page URL
  • Facebook Post Likes – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151936494508947&set=a.277353933946.140940.6476528946&type=1&theater Just click the post that you would like to promote and copy the link from the browser.
  • Facebook Post Share – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151936494508947&set=a.277353933946.140940.6476528946&type=1&theater Just click the post that you would like to promote and copy the link from the browser.
  • Facebook Share – https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http://seo-pro-tools.com This option shares whatever website you’d like. Just replace “seo-pro-tools.com” with your website URL.
  • Google Circles – https://plus.google.com/112709963598931251833/posts Your Google+ page URL.
  • Linkedin Followers – http://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft Your Linkedin website URL.
  • Linkedin Share – http://www.linkedin.com/cws/share?url=http://seo-pro-tools.com This option shares whatever website you’d like. Just replace “seo-pro-tools.com” with your website URL.
  • Myspace Connect – https://myspace.com/swedishhousemafia Your MySpace page URL.
  • Myspace Share – https://myspace.com/katelynryry Your MySpace page URL.
  •  Pinterest Follow – http://www.pinterest.com/janew Your Pinterest page URL.
  • Pinterest Like – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/2814818490903246 Click on the picture you want to have “liked” and copy the url from the browser.
  • Pinterest Repin – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/2814818490895923 Click on the picture you want to have “liked” and copy the url from the browser.
  • StumbleUpon Followers – http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/joe Your StumbleUpon URL.
  • Tumblr Follower – http://andisbetter.tumblr.com Your Tumblr URL.
  • Tumblr Post Like – http://andisbetter.tumblr.com/post/79595438994/ford-pictures-sum-of-its-parts Click on the picture you want to have “liked” and copy the url from the browser.
  • Tumblr Post Reblog – http://departurelane.tumblr.com/post/69741013310/inspire-in-the-night-the-fall-of-darkness-adds Go to your Tumblr, find the post that you want to reblog, click it and copy the URL from your browser.
  •  Twitter Favorite – https://twitter.com/intent/favorite?tweet_id=404725454717730816
  • Twitter Follow – https://twitter.com/katyperry Your Twitter page URL.
  • Twitter Re-tweet – https://twitter.com/intent/retweet?tweet_id=402360638598414336
  • Youtube Likes – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My2FRPA3Gf8 Youtube video URL.
  • Youtube Subscribe – http://www.youtube.com/user/RayWilliamJohnson Your Youtube Channel URL.

Wow, well there you have it. All the knowledge I have to give on how to set up a successful Pandabot campaign. Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. I hope you enjoyed the post. There will be more great stuff coming out weekly so subscribe to the blog, follow me on twitter or or check back here often! Later…

So that’s how I’m using Pandabot. How do you plan to you it to build your seo camapigns?

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  1. Nice tutorial, so Google doesn’t see this as bot traffic?

    • Thanks for the comment. No this traffic is not seen as “bot” traffic because it is coming from the users actual unique IP. Its as if the visitor was sitting at their cpu surfing the web themselves. Anytime it comes to google though I always worry about leaving any kind of footprint. When I was looking at my analytics for one of my sites I noticed all of my stats were almost perfect. That’s probably pretty unusual, so I think in addition to my ideal campaign I might set up a seperate one where the “traffic” isn’t quite as perfect. Just to make it look a little more natural. Things like that are what I would worry about google noticing.

  2. I am trying to spend some of my time tinkering about this bot.I notice that they now have a subscription on this.

    How is your traffic going on now?

    • Joel, thanks for the comment. Pandabot has always had the option to buy a premium subscription. But you can run the campaign I describe in the tutorial by just signing up with their free membership. The benefits of the premium memberships are that you receive alot more time credits when you run the Panda Smart Browser on your computer. As a free member you receive %90 credit when you run the PSB meaning if you run it for 100 minutes you receive 90 minutes in credit. With the standard account you receive %200 time credit and the premium gets you a whopping %400. I see this being really powerful once we get a ton of people on the network! But as I stated before you can easily run the campaign detailed in the tutorial for free just by earning time by running the PSB.
      As far as the traffic from Pandabot, I love it. I’ve been using it on videos and new sites lately. Videos are probably where I’ve seen the most impact because its not like buying views or likes from someplace like Fiverr. Those “Views” are usually one after another for a split second just to get the ticker to register. With Pandabot the visitor is watching all or most of the video, sometimes commenting, sometimes liking, for an extended period of time. I’ve done really well with it.

      • How will this get traffic to my legalshield site?

        • Hey Geoff appreciate you taking the time to comment. Pandabot isn’t going to bring you traffic in the form of subscribers (I noticed that was the purpose of your website) That’s not what it is designed to do. Pandabot is an SEO tool. Its purpose is to increase user metrics and show Google/Youtube that people are finding your site (via your keywords) and staying on your site (enjoying your content), helping you rank better. The traffic does come from real people but it is completely automated in the background.

  3. Hi jch,Man you are good,i need some help setting everything up can you help as i found the videos rather confusing,i want to send traffic via short url direct to my product page how can i do this simply so i can monitor the clicks via short link,please feel free to contact me on my email i dont mind paying you to help me set it up,

  4. I’m extremely inspired along with your writing talents and also with the structure in your weblog.
    Is that this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?

    Either way stay up the excellent high quality writing, it’s rare to
    look a nice weblog like this one today..

  5. Thank you for this great guide. Is there a way to configure the browser so that it runs on a proxy or Tor? My main concern is to avoid frying my personal IP address over this.

  6. Hello!
    I have a error using this service, please help me;
    When I click on “Panda Bot Network Back Office (Settings and Reports)” It shows me a message saying “Your session has expired. Please login again.” The showed login page contains “username” and “zip code” and its written in the bottom: Enter Your Zip Code as Password
    What to do to login ? I tried many entries but nothing work.
    I hope someone will find a solution for me because nothing foud in google :/

  7. Hi.
    Does this Bots still working?

  8. Can anyone help me, I’m getting very poor traffic volume from the panda Bot Network and their support is non existent.
    Here’s the problem, when I started using the service in the first 2 days I was getting lots of traffic but after those initial 2 days I’m only getting about 5% of that.

    I’ve checked my campaign and keyword setting to see if there’s something limiting but I’m not even close to reach my limits threshold.

    I’ve made a photo for you to see…

    Look at how much traffic I got on the 21th, my priority rank was about #250 and I had a balance of about 15 hours.
    Now my priority rank is #150 and I have a balance of 40 hours and I’m getting less traffic…as you can see it’s always around 3,500 seconds…

    Does anyone else experience this problem?

  9. Hi,

    Will this bring targeted users that are to convert to buyers. Also if I want to start a eCommerce site will the visitors be likely to buy?

  10. hi, nice tut

    however it’s impossible to download the browser, damn slow and connection lost to server

  11. We’ve always known this system works, especially when targeting non highly competitive keywords to rank your websites.
    Today I got email from Terry Kyle promoting one CrowdSearch.me website. These guys are selling BIG time, and that’s an understatement..

    Been using Pandabot for a while now, time to check my traffic stats before adding more properties.
    Would be interesting to run campaigns on both networks to see how effective both are..

  12. hello, because the bounce is always very high? I configured wrong ?, thanks for the manual

  13. Thanks a lot for published a wonderful network.I like it and immediately i join with PANDABOT network.It’s a good idea to get it up and running.I also prefer its lifetime free account and this network support another nine website.

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